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Hi Everybody!
Is it possible to change the default colors in properties window?
We use very often dark grey. It is frustrating to choose line, go to properties, choose other and then choose dark grey from the list. It would be nice to change dark grey to be first color on the list without going to “other”.

We use dark grey as hidden line. It is also frustrating to change it every time (1000 times in a year). (Choose hidden layers, right click choose objects, go to properties, go to display color arrow, choose other, choose dark grey, press ok…)

I went to options, appearance, colors but couldn’t find hidden line from there. Is that setting somewhere?
I changed Make2d hidden layer color and made make2d. Hidden lines became as dark grey. But normally we don’t have Make2d “hidden layers” when drawing first time…

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You could make a template by making a normal box and calling Make2D on that one. Then change the layer colors to what you want and then delete all geometry. Save the file as a template with the layers in place.

Hi wim!

Thank you for your advice!
Unfortunately that does not work because I’ll move all lines to “INSTRUCTIONS” layer and delete “HIDDEN” layer. In “INSTRUCTIONS” I have several coloured lines. So hidden lines can’t be “by layer”.
Actually hidden line color setting does not help me…

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Add you color to color.txt

the precise location of the color.txt is here

Hi Henri - probably the easy way out is to make a macro for the specific color that you’d like - for example:

! _NoEcho _-Properties _Object _Color _Object 70,70,70 _Enter _Enter _Enter

You can put this on an alias, or even better, on the object context menu in Options-

gets you