Please re-instate the default V7 linetypes

The WIP has only continuous, center and custom.

V7 has a default set of the above + Border, DashDot, Dashed, Dots and Hidden.

This covers most of the basic needs of simple 2D drafting and are very handy - why omit them?



Ok; after further investigation I see that there is a (one-off) dialog that has a button that says something like “Add Defaults” if the rhino instance has not the full set.

Clicking this button does indeed do that, (ie adds the missing styles that were in V7) and then we never see that dialog again…!

There is something odd here - that one-off dialog was larger, and it looked like it maybe had graphic based options for custom line-types - I only saw it that once, so I’m not exactly sure…

EDIT > OK, this “one-off” dialog is accessed from options / linetypes, and it has the option button to add defaults, as well as import linetypes (from another file ?)

BUT, I’d suggest that all the “default” linetypes are actually available by default, and if it is felt that the user needs to remove them, then this “add” button is re-purposed to “remove unused linetypes”.
Which is already available in the purge command since forever…

It seems a lot of drama to no useful end that I can see - what was wrong with the V7 implementation…?


I did not add a new line type, I think you should do a Reset in WIP once, then everything will be set to default.
And the Custom button will appear, which is for 3D lines with and without cones.