Make 2D - Default to "By Layer" in Propertes?

Hey all

Anyone know if it’s possible to change Make2D defaults? Would be much nicer if the Crvs would just default “BY Layer” instead of always having to change each of the things in Properties (Line weight, Color, etc.)

Would even be nice to just have it go to one of my usual layers (Like I have “medium” weight layer, etc.)

ALSO: Would be great if there were an option to have the Makje2D Crvs appear in-place under the 3D model at 0’-0" of whatever C-Plane you choose to have it (defaults to Top on mine)

have you tried to set all your layers the way you like in a rhino template, then each time you open a new model, select your pre-made template and it should have all your settings. I have a template a use a lot with something a little simpler than what you are describing

Maybe I read your post wrong, but I have my template setup. I just want the Make2D curves to default to “By Layer” in all the property panels

hi Alan, yes maybe I’m confused by your question :crazy_face:. What I have done is set up a template, this involved putting some temporary geometry on it, say a cube, running make2d, then adjusting the Make2d layer settings, delete all geometry, save your file as a rhino template, not sure if that will give you what you want :thinking:

Ah, I will try that and report, thanks.

REPORT: I’m a dummy (sort of) Doing that made me realize there’s an Option “Object Properties: By Output Layers” which takes care of most of my needs. And yes, saving the Template makes that my default now (Thank you!)

Additionally - Wonder if there’s a way to make the resulting crvs end up in one of my pre-named layers. I tried naming the “Layer Name” at the bottom of the Make2D window like so “2D::3 Med” which is my layer 2D > 03 Med in my layer tree, but no luck.