Make solid/surface between two curving surfaces

Hi guys, I’m fairly new to Rhino and I apologize in advance if my language is inaccurate.

I want to make a solid or a surface between two vaulting surfaces, see attachements, but have no idea how to. Anyone that can explain what I need to do and also why? Attached is screenshots of different situations so you can understand what I’m talking about.

Thank you.05 18

Hello - as always in Rhino,. there are a few ways, depending… the first thing to try is the Loft command between pairs of edges - You may also be able to make a trimmed plane on the ends - Post your file and I’ll take a look.


Trying to understand how to use the loft command on this, but it’s complicated.

vaults.3dm (14.7 MB)

Edit: figured it out by the way you explained the loft-command. I was trying to use the Loft command with more than two pair of edges.