Make Revit import from Rhino editable


Is there a way to modify thickness or length for the imported brep into Revit from Rhino using rhino inside revit?

I tried direct shape it is not editable once the brep is in revit

I also tried to make it as new componet family and add component location now it shows edit type for the brep exported but could not add thickness to it. So do you have any idea how to make thickness parameter appear when I click brep(free form surface) in Revit after importing from Rhino

If the brep you imported is imported as a family, then you should be able to modify its geometry by handles in family environment.

To follow up a little on Mucahitbgoker’s post, once in a family you can add a thickness parameter just like you would as if creating through the UI. Granted it might be better to do this via the new family component depending on your geometry.

it seems when you import 2d surfaces you cant add thickness unless you create it as wall or floor . For example add wall component.

but can I create thickness parameter in generic category? even if I did its not changing thickness

You would add a family parameter of thickness, then add a dimension to a reference line as a label and then lock the geometry to the reference line. A let depends on what you are trying to do, can you provide a screen shot??