Make quads faces on the same plane?

I’m practicing SubD and following Kyle’s guitar tutorial. I’m wondering how/if selected quad faces can be made on the same plane? I think I’d need to add another SubD edge loop near the outside to make the transition. However, it is possible the two vertexes in the middle could be in or out making the selected surfaces slightly curved. How can I ensure such faces are on the same plane making the selected area flat?

Could you select the verts in question and set point with them? What about converting to nurbs and building that area with a nurbs surface? Thoughts—-Mark

Yes you can, and that will probably get you something that is nearly flat - but not quite. If you put a nurbs plane or straight line across it you can see a slight difference. however, if you keep on tweaking the verts with SetPt you should find you can flatten it some more.

You keep approaching the nirvana of a flat surface in smaller and smaller steps, so you’ll never get all the way there, but you may get close enough that you’re satisfied.

Try the Align command and the ToFitPlane option when those faces are selected or ToPlane if you want to define it.

What Brian said but also,

see this video- Rule of Three.

You need to have three edges to define any transition… up, down, or flat…if that transition is flat, you need three edges that are aligned flat. If you do not have three edges that are separated by a face, they will share an edge and will influence each other. To remove that influence, you’ll need a buffer face between each group of three edges.

Great looking model you are onto there though…can’t wait to see the final part!

Thanks all. I do understand the 3 points to a corner and how creases, bevels, and other methods might help to carve a flat surface. (Which is not in my pic). My situation I often forget to unselect objects/vertexes/edges and might unknowingly move them ever so slightly so the faces are no longer flat. I realized I might not be able to tell so wondered If I could select and tell them to find out, and/or make them so.

Both “ToFitPlane” and “ToPlane” give me “unknown command.”

switch to box mode, align your gumball and then scale faces to zero-

check out 29:28 in this video

The command is Align… then use either option.

Thanks. I did that whole tutorial a while back and remember seeing that part. I’m just not working enough using Rhino to retain what I learn. I need to make it a daily habit.

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Got it.