In Plane Option for 3DFace


Take the case where you’re drawing a quad in 3D Space, not just on a plane. I still think there needs to be a way to get the fourth point to lie on a plane formed by the first 3 points picked.

I would envisage it as an option in 3DFace. I thought Planar would work, but it doesn’t quite do the same thing.


you can do this with gumbal + ctrl+ drag-

Will that work in the context he showed, with a much more irregular form? It looks like it’d require more futzing to get it right.

Also, related: in the _Align command, the _toPlane option should either always be a 3point click or there should be a 3point option. Currently the alignment plane can only be perpendicular to the viewport cplane determined by drawing a single line.

depends on what he’s trying to do… if the goal is to have the quad be planar, a simple extrude works great- you can always align verts, or stitch to connect errant verts.

In principle yeah that kinda does the trick. But if you look at that top right corner vertex of the face you pull out, okay yes presume I want it in that plane but not that location. Maybe it should be closer to the bottom left hand corner point, if I’m really building it out.

Yeah that’s precisly what I want to do, but also precisely what isn’t an available option though. Because if you pick the first 3 points for your 3DFace, the fourth will either shoot to the floor, somewhere else in your model, or ‘in’ the Worl XY plane moved up to the last picked point if Planar is on.

Actually I couldn’t replicate what you did Kyle my end - sorry.

Take the case of something similar to the above. The options are, I guess, Gumball extrude and stitch the end faces? Then manipulate the points inbetween. Again, an InPlane option with Chain could be nice to sort of ‘follow’ that shape. But honestly it could be a stupid request.

Also notice a bug I’m seeing a lot inside 3DFace command, where the osnaps in the bottom left completely disappear. It seems to not behave so well. I was trying to get a one shot osnap on surface. Apologies for the poor video.

Sweep1 Seems to fail in some simple cases too. OR at least not provide a wholly desirable / unexpected look. It creates a nice single face, with one edge as cross section and one as a rail.

I’ve posted about a possible smooth/box override in display modes, and from something I worked on yesterday this was reconfirmed. I was trying to replicate fairly closely and existing mesh (creating a cleaner version, so to speak) and, as you mention in your videos Kyle, moving things around in smooth mode is a little unwise and risks giving you trying to pull something into a shape it doesn’t want to. So for that reason it can be nice to have side by side the balance of seeing your smooth model which you are trying to pull into a certain form, and the box to see whether you should be adding another loop in.

One more small thing - any simple way to select the points from an Edge Loop? An equivalent to SelU and SelV? Regardless of that, could we have MoveUVN work on SubD Edges, i.e. the ‘points’ contained within that edge selection. I now see you can do the same as with edges - ctrl+shift dbl click between two points to get the points in between. That works ona SubDVertex (on SubD) but not control cage points. Likewise, MoveUVN doesn’t work on the SubDVertices. So there’s a bit of a jam there.

Also, we need some kind of indicator for which face an edge belongs to.


Can anybody confirm for me that Slide doesn’t seem to keep the Across/Along Option sticky. So if you go ‘up’ an edge loop sliding by different amounts, I find that inexplicably it decides to switch over after a couple of picks even though you’re repeating the same operation. Just a minor frustration.

And another thing - Slide command on vertices which have three paths/adjacent edges rather than just Across/Along. Is there a plan for that, because that would be nice rather than me having to go and get the exact correct Osnaps setup so that my dragging goes along the cage. Just means that Slide will Slide all verts - not just when it’s convenient.

Also - maybe a ‘SubD object’ option for RemoveCrease -

How about tools for merging loops too? Rather than doing MergeFaces ten times up an edge loop.

And - how about align to view updating in realtime. With my 3D Connexion mouse, this would be nice for gumball extruding out faces on the fly in the correct-ish direction.

Only such actions in SubD modeling are meaningless.
Unless you make a flat four-point model. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, I second that request! And I think other commands would also benefit from such an InPlane option.
Maybe SmartTrack could make something like SmartPlane which takes the last 3 input points (or smart points) for a temporary Cplane? @mikko ?

Yes, definitely - for example the SrfPt (Surface from corner points) could also have this option for 4 point surfaces. It’s not really hard to script, if you input the first three points, they form a plane, it is then possible to constrain the 4th pick to that plane. Just that it needs a proper UI, and I just don’t have time to do that now.

Likewise - I did a script which just set the plane after the third point and then reset after running, but I’ve misplaced it.

click an edge, start dragging it then hold ctrl. drag it where you want it then use an osnap to locate it. stitch to join it into the previous part.

I filed as a wish for AppendFace

Thanks Brian. What do you think of these?

  • MergeSrf Automation for Nice loops - not quite sure how I see see this performing though.
  • RemoveCrease, ability to select an object to remove all creases on it?
  • Easily identify which face a selected SubD Edge.Vertex belongs to, in the case they are adjacent.
  • Possible smooth/box mode override
  • 3DFace Osnaps Bug

Good to see the new SubDFaceEdgeVertexToggle, that is really handy, albeit a bit wordy :wink:

I read through your comments above but don’t see this explained further. If you are looking for larger NURBS surfaces with ToNURBS, that is in progress.

There’s an open feature request for being able to select only creased edges. In the meantime drag a window selection over the whole SubD, Isolate it first if needed.

An edge between two faces belongs to both so I’m not sure what you’re looking for here. The edges in a SubD are not like surface edges in a polysrf.

If you are looking for a hybrid display mode which shows both the Box mode and Smooth mode for SubD, this has been discussed internally (RH-58328) but will not be worked on soon if at all. Use Tab and go back and forth to check your edits.

Thanks, filed as

I personally use the icon in the SubD sidebar but you could make an Alias too.

Not if they’re disjoint - in this case they weren’t joined yet. Anyway, it’s minor since I can select the SubD it’s from and points on then get the points. I get that some of these are quite obtuse requests.

Yeah - I think just for tidy quad loops, it would be nice for some kind of help. Like I say though, not really sure what would be best here.

RH-59440 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Thanks so much for this feature. Personally, I’ve found it really helpful. Just helps in those case where you geometry is kind of hovering around a bit. certainly, until SubDSweep1 becomes a bit more complete (IMO).


This looks really helpful to repair those slightly “dirty” quads that quadremesh seems to tend to create on occasion around sharp edges.
Thanks to the developers!

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Totally agree!

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Hi, do you think that the ‘InPlane’ option should enable snaps to override the planarity option? Wondering if I should ask for that as a modification. In case you think you’ve snapped to a vert, but have inad-vert-ently made it planar and not attached to a vertex.