Make closed lines

Hi guys,

I have truly no idea how to close these streets lines …

The goal is to make a closed polyline that I can further extrude and trim the topography with. (840.3 KB)

Not bulletproof, but maybe a start. (849.9 KB)

  1. Because it searches for the closest point, large gaps won’t be considered.

  2. Some of your initial curves are overlapping. (one controll point is moved to show it)

  3. The shape of the curve isn’t considered. May could be cut with self intersecting afterwards (CX)

For the outer curves, may the rectangle which you selected to slice the streets would be solution. But don’t know where you have your curves from.

If this is your whole area, and not just a small area for testing, I would recommend you doing the small mistakes manually. I made the experience, that I wasted often much time on small things, which would be nice to have a script for, but often it’s not necessary and faster by hand. (1 min curve editing in Rhino, if that are all streets)

Hope I could help you somehow.

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Well first, thank you very much Tim ! I didn’t know the existence of close curve component.

I will give it a try to get the surface I want from these curves !