Closing this kind of curve

Hello everyone,

I’m new to grasshopper/rhino but I’m running into a simple issue that I can’t find the solution for : here’s my shape (it’s an urban plot) : I’m trying to optimize some building positions but I already run into a problem in here :

as you see “area” won’t work since those are just open curves , I created the outline in rhino ,then added the two seperative segements , so how I can make this a closed curve please ? I already tried “closecrv”,“merge” from rhino , I also tried to start in grasshopper with rectangular grid but at the end while doing a loft operation it went wrong so I came back to this shape in rihno and looking for an answer.

here’s the file with internalised data in case it’s needed.

Thank you in advance for any help provided and sorry for the noob question

grasshopper closed curve (5.8 KB)

So, you need 4 seperate polylines divideded by the two intersecting lines inside your boundary curve?
If so, you could use Heperoptera plugin’s Geometric Region or Surface Split.

grasshopper closed curve (12.1 KB)

Hey HS_Kim ,

yeah excatly ! I didn’t know about that plugin , thank you very much for your answer and for the screenshot of the solution ! I will grab that pluging for sure , that will help me for my current learning .

Thanks again :slight_smile: