How do I connect curves into closed curves?

I have this collection of curves.

I want to make it look like this

But I cant get it to work correctly. I try to use CCX to get the intersection points and then use those points to shatter but it doesnt find the intersections of the curves.

please upload your file with internailzed data. is there any logic to your collection of your curves? the desired output consists of one unique shape, that helps. you could create a boundary surface, split that surface with your curves & select those surfaces that match the area of that unique polygon…

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The long story is that I am making grids to test walkability for and when I was making the grids I forgot to change the number of points to apply to the grid so all the grids that I baked have the same amount of destinations, which is not what I want. Making the grids in Grasshopper takes 15-20 minutes for each grid type so I am trying to find a way to take the street network that I have and offset it to the block area so that it creates the blocks and I can add the correct number of destinations to the grid. This would take considerably less time.

  1. A referenced Curve could not be found in the Rhino document.

i think you missed something. right click that component and select “internalise data”.

ahh sorry

internalised (113.7 KB)

This could be one way.

internalised (9.9 KB)


Thats a much simpler solution than the one I originally made. Would it be possible to alter your solution so I can set the size of the quadrilateral pieces? That’s one the things I struggled with. i eventually just kept altering the size of the hexagon until I got the quadrilaterals to the sizes I wanted.

Try to change the Hexagonal Grid size slider.

Gotcha, Thanks so much for your help!