How to close offsetted curves?

Hi all,

I am trying to close curves that made by projected road centerlines. Can anyone please give me some instructions how to close them and make all intersections be rounded corner? I am trying to make them as a road surface and ready to bake.



Model link:

Road (9.0 KB)

Always it’s better if you share the file

Thanks for reminding, I just uploaded both files.


this and then project back onto your meshRoad (8.0 KB)

You can use this

and script to project curve on mesh (7.6 KB)

Hi Gijs,

Do know why the result is not showing in Rhino? I turn all components on and it’s only showing the centerline.

probably because I had button on to show only the selected component (the fourth icon, next to the red tube icon on upper right corner above the canvas), I believe this settings saves with the gh file

here’s one with (most) corners rounded. If you clean up your input curves it will work much better though
Road (13.9 KB)

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The result is actually hidden underneath the model… once I bake it, it is visible now.

Use this for fast result (6.8 KB)

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Works like charm! Thanks for helping out!


Thanks for helping out Gijs! You guys showed me how to do it in two different ways, that’s awesome!