Is it possible to have additional construction planes in a drawing/model?

Same question as the title

Create new cplanes, save each, and switch between them. Each view in your 4-view window may have a different cplane. Is that what you were after?

And if you save views with cplanes you’ve added, you get both.

Yes pretty much. I can’t remember how to creat a new cplane. Does it require a surface to be generated off of?

Hello - run the CPlane command - there are lots of options.


Not necessarily, though some prior reference is helpful. Generated by 3-points, or by view, are two means I utilize often.

In addition to what @pascal suggested, you may use the GUI as well. See the drop-down icon menu with all the cplane creation method icons. In the right sidebar, find the saved cplane and view panels, where one names both for reference-recall-activation.

I prefer to setup a view and generate a cplane, then save the view with a name. In doing so, you’ll get both, and your view label will display the saved name for reference on restoration. Helpful, especially if all 4 views have a custom cplane.

As you’re likely experiencing, mastery of cplanes is a key fundamental proficiency element.

Thanks very much guys!

I’ve been trying to learn the Fusion360 app and it’s causing brain damage.