Make 2D not generating leaders

Hi, I was generating some make 2ds which includes annotations such as dimensions, text and leaders.

Everything was going perfect until now that is not generating the leaders in the make 2d. I tried already everything that comes to my mind, but nothing seems to help. I think perhaps is a bug of the new update, I was able to generate it last month without any problem.

Is this happening to anyone else, or does anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks.make2d leaders.3dm (3.9 MB)

Make2D does not support annotations like text, dimensions, or leaders.

Hi, my understanding is that it does… I’ve been making make 2Ds including dimensions and text for the past 6 months, it doesn’t convert annotations to crvs of course, but at least it includes them in the output. Or was it removed in the last update?

Hi - text and dimensions are supported for Make2D. Leaders are not.

EDIT: The feature request is now on the list as RH-57037.

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