Make2D won't show annotations

Hi, I´m trying to do some technical drawings and can´t get the annotations to show in the 2D drawing. Trying to use the perspective viewport, but it won´t work in others either. The selection box of the command lets me select a layer for the annotations but they never actually show up. Have tried it with all the possible settings ticked and unticked. Is this a bug or am I just missing something obvious?

Check your text size settings in “Settings”, you probably have those too small to see them.


Thank you for the suggestion maxz, but I can see them fine in the normal 3D-working space, they just won´t replicate to the 2D-drawing, so the size of the text id not the problem here…

As far as I know, Make2D does not take annotation objects into account - despite the fact that they can be selected, which should probably be considered a bug - it’s the same in Windows version.

Edit: actually, that’s incorrect - it does take into account annotation objects in views where the annotation objects are parallel to the viewport. Just not in perspective viewports or ones where the annotations are edge-on, because I guess it doesn’t really know what to do with them.


Yeah, that seems to be the case, thank you for confirming Mitch, now I won´t waste any more time trying to make it work and just draw the annotations in illustrator. It would just have been so much easier to make them align with the edges correctly and neatly if rhino could just take them into account when making 2D-drawings. Which is a great command in general and has made my work so much easier, guess I still have to do this one little thing “by hand.”

Well, the problem is that annotation texts are not “real” geometry, so in a non-parallel viewport, Rhino doesn’t know what to do with them. In a parallel viewport, looks like they are just copied/scaled and placed in the 2D as text objects like before - so still not vector objects. But in making 2d’s of perspective views that doesn’t work, as you can’t “project” (transform) text objects into perspective. So they would need to be vectorized somehow - and perhaps their outlines filled with a hatch.

You could do the above manually, explode a copy of the text to create outline curves, Make2D with those curves, then in the Make2D, use a solid hatch on the letter outlines.


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Btw, you dont have to do anything by hand. If you explode the text. You can do planarsurface on top of that if you dont want it to be transparent. Might make your work process more effective.