Annotations After Make2D

After modelling up a piece of furniture and annotating in model space I then use the Make2D command. The annotations are shifting and some resizing in the geometry created. Using V6 eval, screenshots attached, any ideas ? tia :slight_smile: Annotations%20Model%20Space

BUMP, any ideas, is this a bug or a settings change needed ??

What Make2D options are you using? Are you in parallel view? It helps if you can share the 3dm model.

hi Rajaa, thanks for chipping in. File attached. If you hightlight the 3d model in say front view, then Make2d, you will see that the annotations change :frowning: Typical Wardrobe.3dm (1.4 MB)

I see that the font size is changing for some of them. I logged a bug to look into it. Thanks

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