Make 2d doesn't open properly in Autocad

Hi, I’ve been having this problem for a while now. I use make2d command often, saving as a dwg and opening in either autocad or illustrator. I am careful to make sure all of the objects I am capturing are in the viewport because I know make2d can get confused when objects are behind the camera. I have also tried playing with the different options for polyline, natural, etc.

The make 2d lines appear as they should in rhino but once I open them in another program strange things happen. Some of the lines seem to be scaled many times larger than the others while the bulk of the drawing is a minuscule speck in the corner of the illustrator window. Below is a link to a dwg that has this problem. I am using rhino 4 SR9.



guardrail.dwg (58.3 KB)

Have you tried this in an evaluation version of V5? Greg did a lot of work for Make2D in V5. There a lot more work going on for V6. V4 will not be updated further.