[Potential Bug] GH Make2D curves in wrong location :(


I get this consistent error in using Grasshopper Make2D components. What causes this and can it be fixed? I want the 2D curves to be exactly in the same position as the geometry it’s projecting, this works on Rhino side but not through GH.

Hi @rasmus.sainmaa,

This works without any problems. Are you sure that you have selected the right view?

It’s the default Rhino Top view selected. No clipping plane set and all other settings on False.

Rasmus, can you upload your file, so that I can check it out?

make2dproblem.gh (5.9 KB)

Hah, now that I copied the snippet to an empty script the offset has changed to another direction :—)))

I had a similar problem. The Make 2D output was produced corectly but placed away from model with location that didn’t make sense.

Hm, this works for me too. No issues here! Seems to be one thing that works in Rhino for Mac and doesn’t in Rhino for Windows. Weird!

In the mean time, you could move the make2d curves back into place with a small script. For instance, get both bounding boxes and their center points. Construct a vector between both points and move the curve with this vector.

Yeah guess I need to work around it somehow :confused:
It’s still weird also that the manual command in Rhino produces the correct results.

i am having the same issue. please help:
i think you should get the resulting curves just at the projection location not somewhere elsedefinovane_rezy_make2D.gh (18.0 KB)