Macros With Multiple Pauses?

wondering if we still have to enter multiple pauses for a macro like this?

_join _pause _simplifycrv _enterend


Yep, unfortunately, nobody has really shown any interest in fixing this age-old problem. :grimacing:



Hi Ryan - for now, pre-selection will work…

(! _Join _SImplifyCrv)


I guess if you want to preselect or post-select then you can do this:

! _Select _Pause _Join _SimplifyCrv


Yep, that works - somehow when I tried that earlier it bailed after one selection and went on into the macro, but it does work now. Coffee, I guess…


thanks guys.

it’s been a few years, gotta brush the rust off for the little nuances. :wink:

i started a new job and wasn’t sure if it was ok to load up all my scripts,
toolbars, options, etc… i was redoing some essential macros which
prompted the post.
i ended up biting the bullet and loaded it all up since you two had helped
me out with scripting stuff properly. my setup is so far from default that
i was lost. hehehe


@kleerkoat, @Helvetosaur - there is now a MultiPause in V6/WIP. Works well as far as I can see.

Join MultiPause SelLast SimplifyCrv




Wow… :+1:t2::clap:t2:


@pascal did this get added to the documentation? just curious. thank you

edit: also can this get brought over into the Mac version too?

@pascal A question just occurred to me - can’t Pause simply be completely replaced by MultiPause? Is there a downside to having MultiPause instead of Pause in some particular macros?


excellent point.

Right… I don’t see why Pause cannot just run MultiPause instead and lose the MultiPause command name altogether… I’ll look into it, thanks.

It is not working 100% the same so far… not sure why - for example, with no selection:

! Copy MultiPause InPlace

does not work, here.