Question about MultiPause in macro?

curious why this works with a _Pause but doesn’t with _MultiPause. seems like it should behave the same? the MultiPause causes the _Cap _Flat to be run after _Offset is complete.

_DupEdge _Pause _Offset _Cap _Flat

_DupEdge _MultiPause _Offset _Cap _Flat

Hi @kleerkoat,

The Pause command pauses for a single “get” option. A “get” operation is object or point picking.

The MultiPause command is almost identical to Pause. It makes the pause repeat from get to get, until a command ends or a different kind of get is called.

– Dale

ok, so on a basic functionality level the two are interpreted distinctly different for one another? as in a multipause can not be expected to behave as pause when only one pick is made? so for simplicity sake you just can’t say, “well it could be one pick or two, i’m too lazy to decide so i’ll just use a multipause.”

FWIW, I don’t understand why the multiipause flows over into the next command somehow in this case but note that even in the case of

_DupEdge _Pause _Offset _Cap _Flat

you can select several edges before continuing. You don’t need a multipause for that.
The following command in that macro, though, can only take one curve no matter what. If you have selected several, they will be discarded as input and you’ll be asked to select a curve again.
Also, in this case, you don’t need the DupEdge command because you can select an edge when in the Offset command.

@dale - I would somehow expect the multipause to be stopped when the spacebar or enter is used, and especially with an extra added Enter in there.

_DupEdge _MultiPause _Enter _Offset _Cap=Flat


Sorry @wim, that’s all I know about this. Perhaps @pascal knows more.

– Dale

Hi Wim - that second macro seems to work ok - or, as expected - here, maybe I am too dense to see the spillage you mention - I get multiple edges duped, then get to select a curve and offset.

@kleerkoat, you may want the OffsetMultiple command in there, though that does not offer the cap.
Or, the repeater ( * ) character may help:

*DupEdge Pause Offset

but the catch there is you must Enter yourself to stop the DupEdge selection at one, every time through.


i don’t need to select multiple edges in my case. like i mentioned to dale, sometimes when i’m making macros i’ll throw a multipause in there instead of a pause from me being too lazy to pay attention to what the command is actually doing. in most case i’ve gotten by with doing it that way. this time it bugged out and i couldn’t figure out why from past experience and wanted to check since i write macros all freaking day. :wink:

that’s true, that would cut down on using sellast and the like. thank you for reminding me

Hi Pascal -

This is what I get when I run that second macro and only select 1 edge

_DupEdge _MultiPause _Enter _Offset _Cap=Flat

Something is making the Cap argument into a new command.

Hi Wim - thanks, I see that with one selection… could be a bug! Let me poke some more.


@wim1 ooh, ooh, did i find an obscure bug? i love it when i find one of those. :wink:

RH-72106 is fixed in the latest WIP.