Macroeditor bug and wish

Typing some arbitrary into the mac macroeditor,
pressing command / apple A,
some more text, pressing command / apple Z (undo),
some more text
using the cross to clear the content of the editor…

doing this a few times the undo-recording is broken.

see screencapture.

mac os 10.15.7, Rhino Version 7 (7.11.21271.01002, 2021-09-28)

I have a small wish for the macro-editor:
it would be really cool to save input from the editor and name it.

and have a small flyout / list / or whatever where i could choose the last 20 macros…
export all “Named Macros”
it also could be something like a toolbar integrated into the macro-editor.
(for Rhino 8: it would be great if those macros could be either belong to preferences or to the documents … this would be great to integrate macros in a templates…)

kind regards - tom