MacroEditor command doesnt work on Rhino 5 for Mac

When typing in MacroEditor the command doesn’t seem to show up. I just downloaded the evaluation copy of Rhino for Mac 5, is this happening to anyone else?

unfortunately there isn’t a Macro Editor in the Mac version yet.

edit: if you check this thread out and are ambitious you can setup Atom.

you can write macros and test them this way

I haven’t tried this on Mac, but this is a possible kludge workaround not requiring installing Atom:

  1. Using your favorite text editor, create a blank file somewhere on your computer where you can access it easily, like the desktop. You can also create an alias or dock it in the dock to make it more accessible. Name the file something like MacroEditor. With the document inspector, get the full path to this file.

  2. Next, in Rhino, create an alias - maybe something like RunMacro or RM - and then for the alias put in the following:

! _-ReadCommandFile "PathToFile/MacroEditor"

  1. Now, when you want to test a macro, just open the MacroEditor and type in your macro and save the file. (you can leave it open for further testing, no problem). Then in Rhino type RM and hit Enter. The macro you saved will run. If you want to change it, go back to the open text file, make changes and save again, then re-run it with RM.

  2. When you’re happy with the macro, copy it out of the text editor and set it up inside Rhino. Then blank out the text file and save it for the next use.


just confirmed it does work on Mac.

I can’t get it to work, Rhino keeps coming up with a message "File error - Could not open script file"
I did just as Mitch said, and made sure it is a simple .txt file (after mistakenly using the TextEditor to create a .rtf file with lots of header stuff, which I thought could be the problem, but no.)
Rhino version 5B161.

Edit: I cracked it, adding the file extension did it. Duh…