Macro for viewport swap [how to compose]

I got hotkeys set up for all the views. And using the touch ring on the Wacom tablet It is great for fast swapping of views with just a flick of the finger.
But. as Rhino Mac only let you have 4 viewports titles, the hotkey for: '_SetMaximizedViewport Right [for example] only works when the Right viewport title is available in that title bar…
so I have [for example] one of the 4 touch ring slots set for right and left view ports, but it only works when both Right and Left are on the View title bar!
I tried this combination:
Choose world view _Right '_SetMaximizedViewport Right
but it doesn’t work…

If someone could please suggest the correct Macro to get this to work.

I set up the touch ring to swap between : Top - Bottom,
Front - Back, Left - Right , Perspective…What will pair usefully with Perspective ?

thanks a lot

I’m having trouble understanding the problem you’re trying to solve.

I think you’re looking for a macro to switch between the viewports in your file.

If that’s it, let’s assume you have 4 viewports in the file named, Curly, Moe, Larry, and Perspective.

These macros should do what you want:

'SetMaximizedViewport Curly
'SetMaximizedViewport Moe
'SetMaximizedViewport Larry
'SetMaximizedViewport Perspective

“nextviewport”+the Enter key works as a Keystroke setting for the touch ring to cycle between the maxed viewports no matter their names.

Thanks @BrianJ
Yet the problem is the same, it only works between the 4 options that are in the viewport title.
While I’m trying to get a macro to work on 8 views.
[Having to go to the corner to right click and choose from the manu is very cumbersome.]. Do you know a way to do that ?
That Only 4 allowed. Mac limitation is something that really should not be there by now… [Just a user frustrated viewpoint of course].

thanks a lot

I understand, there are differences in how the viewports are on Mac can be customized and this is the ultimate issue. I added this post to for future reference as well. I think if we could dock more than 4 views on Mac you could get a Macro for what you want to do working.

Yes thank you very much

Maybe an easier first step could be to just allow this “under the hood” as a dashed variation…so it can be used in a Macro or scripted…?
Just mentioning this, as I often hear how difficult it is to code UI items, on the Rhino Mac.

thanks a lot