How to Toggle views in Rhino MacOSx

What is the keyboard shortcut to toggle through the views in Rhino for Mac?

i don’t think there is one. (nor do i think there’s a way to assign your own shortcut to gain the ability)

it does appear however the request has already been made internally:

@jeff_hammond - do either of the two scriptlets below run on Mac Rhino? I don’t have my machine here today to test… (294 Bytes) (284 Bytes)

hey Mitch.

i only tested quickly but neither appear to work as you’re hoping.

the only way i can get them to do anything is if i have 4 views up… using, the focus will switch between views… as in, Top is highlighted then i run the script and Front becomes highlighted, then Right, then Perspective… (if i have custom views in the file, things get stuck on one of them)…

but if i have a single viewport maximized, it won’t cycle through the different views (nothing seems to happen if i have only a single viewport showing)

OK, I was afraid of that, would have been too easy… :persevere: It’s working here on Windows Rhino viewports, maximized or not… On Mac, it’s working the way it’s supposed to with the non-maximized views, all it does is make the next one active. Don’t know why it doesn’t switch views if maximized. Yes, it cycles through all views including custom ones.

I can try a couple of more things perhaps, hang on…

Does this work any better? Otherwise may be necessary to try some RhinoCommon stuff, no guarantee of success tho… (500 Bytes)

it works a little better in that if i have custom views in the file, it doesn’t get stuck on one of them while cycling through in 4view.

still no luck with a maximized viewport though.

(and funny thing-- what i’m working on right this minute, i could use this functionality :slight_smile: )

OK, gotta go home now, I’ll see what I can concoct… At least there is a Mac at home to test stuff. --Mitch

OK, there is a lot of stuff broken here, so looks like there is nothing much I can do…

fyi @Alain, @stevebaer
If the viewport is maximized in Mac Rhino:
Rhino.Display.RhinoView.Maximized is broken, it returns False in all cases.
rs.CurrentView(“viewname”) is also broken, it does not set the new view current.


Thanks Mitch,

I logged it and will have a look.