Trying to cycle / switch through maximised viewports


Ive come over from Rhino for Windows and would regularly use the Ctrl + Tab (and Shft + Ctrl + Tab) shortcut to cycle or switch through the perspective and ortho viewports but i cant find an equivalent in the mac version, does it exist?

I had a look in the command and found “nextviewport” which seems to switch the active viewport but doesn’t actually change the view you are seeing when maximised, am I missing something?

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I’ll get the NextViewport problem on the bug list.

Command + ` (the key to the left of the 1 on the top row) cycles between open windows in most Mac apps.

Window != Viewport !

Ah, right… sorry for misunderstanding the issue.

Looks like it was already added to the tracker about a year ago.
I added your suggestions and the link to this thread for the developer.

You can watch its progress here:

-Mary Fugier

You can do it with keyboard shortcuts. I hope my video can help.
I inserted the ^ + tab +arrow, but you can use other commands. Note that I set these commands to Rhino only to “reduce” overlaps with shortcuts to other programs.
scorciatoie viste.mp4 (8.0 MB)

Thanks John, I’m assuming this means that “nextviewport” and “prevviewport” would achieve the result I’m looking for?

Thanks for the video Zsimon, I’m actually looking for a way to cycle/ tab through all viewports in the session with a single command rather than assigning different viewports their own individual command but I appreciate the response and this is a helpful workaround :smile:

I could try Rhino Win and including the operation of the command that you describe. I do not think that this command can be played easily on Rhino Mac, ctrl + tab on Windows is equivalent to ⌘ + Tab on Mac as we know that activates Application Switcher.

NextViewport is the command that should work, but it’s broken in Mac Rhino currently. I added it to the list last week when the question was originally asked abs discussed.

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Wow, it’s fixed! Probably for a long time already, but I just tried and created a shortcut for NextViewport and it works! As in Windows. Great! Guess the issue for developers can be closed.

works great! thanks for adding this feature.

now we only need a command such as PreviousViewPort

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Hi Rudi,
Thanks for resurrecting this.

I saw your reply so I add this to the tracker RH-61865 New Viewport Commands Requested.

Feel free to register on the YouTrack site and follow progress.

Mary Ann Fugier