MacRhino WIP 6.16.16 Tool Window Location Preferences

I just downloaded WIP 6.16.19 and found it has the same preferences problem as 6.15. When I open an empty template file, some of my tool windows (which are all grouped on my second monitor) have moved to my primary monitor (see attached image). After quitting WIP 6 and reverting the file, MacRhino 5 then opens with the same shifted windows and I have to relocate them to reset the prefs file. I may be the only user who uses MacRhino “visually” (not using the command line), but this is how I roll. Thanks for looking into it - I’d like to try WIP 6 but it’s too time consuming to keep relocating my windows. (Also pls check the Box Edit window. It has never remembered it’s position even in Rhino 5). Thank you.