Rhino Preferences Window Issue

just updated to 552, having still el capitan installed (cant go beyond due to computer age) now every time i open the preferences and click on anything, the window jumps to the lower right side of my screen, i then naturally move it back to the center to do my settings and when i click on Show All, it again jumps to the right lower side of the screen, if you want to make people crazy thats one way to do it. pls fix that guys

I’ll try to reproduce this on my end.

Hi @geemix

Sorry for the delay. I’m unable to reproduce the behavior you are seeing with Rhino 5 for Mac 5.5.2 running on OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Launched Rhino 5 for Mac 5.5.2
  2. Navigated to Rhinoceros > Preferences
  3. Clicked on Colors
  4. Clicked on Show All

Everything behaves as expected here.

Can you please send along the results of clicking on Rhinoceros > About Rhinoceros > More Info… > Copy to Clipboard?

i have no idea what happened, i actually had downloaded an old version, or so i thought and reinstalled the newest version instead, without knowing. now when checking the info as you have suggested i see that i actually have the current version and that all runs smooth. whatever hick up that was it seems to have resolved itself.

anyway thanks for taking time.

Ok good! I’m glad it’s resolved. Please let us know if it surfaces again. Always best to err on the side or reporting.