RhinoWIP: Separate Preferences (Update Failed)

TL;DR: The latest RhinoWIP contains a major change to the way Rhino for Mac Preferences are stored and managed. Due to this change, the update system will fail for older RhinoWIPs. Please download and install a new RhinoWIP manually.


We were finding many bugs related to sharing preferences between major versions. This RhinoWIP separates out each major version into a separate application. This should allow you to run separate major versions of Rhino for Mac at the same time.

What changed?

Previously, all versions of Rhino for Mac shared the same


file to store preferences. No more.

From now on, each major version of Rhino will use a separate:

~/Library/Preferences/com.mcneel.rhinoceros.[major version].plist

For example, the latest RhinoWIP stores its preferences in:


Do I have to do anything?

Yes. This change broke our update system. You will need to download and install a new RhinoWIP manually. Please replace the older RhinoWIP in your /Applications folder with the new one. Once installed, the new version’s update system should work.

Optional: If you have been running Rhino 5 or Rhino 6 for Mac alongside the RhinoWIP, you may want to reset your preferences to factory defaults. Always back up your preferences to your Desktop before doing this.

Please Note

Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 for Mac will continue to store their preferences in the shared:


In the RhinoWIP, you can use the _ImportPreferences command to selectively bring across your customizations from older versions of Rhino.