MacOs - Rhino WIP - CPU usage


Hi Forum

I work a lot with drawings.

I sometimes am importing vectorised PDF files into Rhino with many many lines and information in it.
I then want to scale them in Rhino.
This process takes a long time, can be 15-20 minutes.

Looking at the CPU and Graphics processor, it is hardly being used during that process.
I added screenshots below, also from my computer configuration.

My question is, can I dedicate more cores to the Rhino process.

I also wonder why Rhino doesn’t use the graphics processor at all.
Is there a setting I can change for that?

Thanks a lot in advance for getting back to me about this.



Hi Chris -

Rhino doesn’t have settings to change access to hardware component in your computer. Software can be rewritten to optimize certain workflows but I suppose there are trade-offs involved.

Thank you Wim