Processor use Rhino boost

How can I boost my processor preformance when rendering? Now Rhino uses only max 27% of my processor capacity.

If you use Rhino 7 default renderer and want to bump the CPU utilisation then go to Options > Cycles and set CPU utilization to 100%.

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Thank you very much for your reply. But where can I find this? Maybe this is a stupid question but I do not know where to find it.

When Rhino is open: Tools > Options > Cycles.

Make sure you set render device to CPU, then you can change CPU Utilization to 100%. When using Render command or Raytraced viewport you should see better utilization of your CPU cores.

Since you have an NVidia GPU by default Rhino Render and Raytraced pick that as the render device. With 128GB system RAM and 64 logical processor cores you can render much bigger scenes than would fit on your GPU.

Thank you very much Nathan. It already was on 96%. I set it to 100% now, but I still see this at the bottom of my screen during rendering.


Looks like you are rendering with Legacy Rhino Render, not Rhino Render.

Okay. Must say I started working with Rhino 3 weeks ago. So everything is new for me.
In terms of modelling I am in love with the software. I’m impressed how easy the software works.
For rendering I will use 3dsmax with Vray. So for me it’s just to where I’m at and that I have something to showw my client.

I switched to Legacy render engine, but then the CPU number went down to 3.1%.

Rhino Render uses the Cycles engine which I ported from Blender to Rhino. The Cycles engine will target the CPU utilization set on the Cycles settings dialog page in Rhino Options. The Legacy Rhino Render engine (Toucan) will not do that. Cycles is the modern path raytracing engine, Toucan is scan-line based rendering.

Ahh okay. Thanks for the information. Rendering now with Legacy render engine.
I also saw the option to preview render so that I will use more.

Again thank you very much for your response. Helped me out a lot!!

Any reason to not use Rhino Render?

Haha not anymore. But for years I couldn’t get used to the program. I was stuck in AutoCAD and 3DS Max. STill work wirth them (well AutoCAD a lot less), but I still use Max for my visual and animation work.
But I had to work on a 180 ft yacht and the best program to do that in is Rhino (at least for me now).
And I just love it. I’m working for 3 weeks now with the program and my yacht is almost finished.

Oh…and thanks again for your tip. Legacy works so much better. I also use batch render now with my camviews. Works great!

But I saw in your portfolio you do some bootwork as well yourself

Hoi Maarten -

There is some misunderstanding going on here. Nathan asked why you aren’t using the current “Rhino Render” (i.e. the Rhino Cycles implementation) as that should be working better than legacy.

(And here three dutch speaking persons are talking English to each other :wink: kan gebeuren!)

Hahaha oops. Nederlands veel beter!!

Maarreh, was er nog een reden om niet Rhino Render te gebruiken? Dat is de betere, of in ieder geval modernere render engine. Dan kun je Physically Based materialen gebruiken, betere belichting etc.

But, is there a reason to not use Rhino Render? It is the better, or at least more modern render engine. You get to use Physically Based materials, better lighting, etc.

Puur voor het modelleren. Max is gewoon geen fijn pakket om in te tekenen. Nooit gevonden ook.