Render using only CPU?

Hallo everyone,
I am bulding new computer and I have question: for rendering in RHINO MAC program using only CPU? Strong GPU is not necessary? And what is situation during working on materials library?

Yes, rendering will use the CPU currently when using Rhino Render. There will be plugins available for rendering over time and these may take advantage of Cuda or OpenCL on the GPU as they currently do in Rhino 5 for Windows. If rendering is a big part of your work keep this in mind when choosing hardware.

I’m not sure if this also answers your question about the material library… explain more if not.

Hi Brian,
Thank you for your explaination, is very helpful.
During work on RHINO MAC when I open window with materials library and sometimes without this, computer run very slow or stopped completly. And I am thinking why? I have i7 4 core processor and 16gb ram, so should be ok?.

Are you using RC4 when you see a long delay in opening the material editor? Is the delay with all models or just some that have a lot of materials? It’s about 3 seconds here on most models but used to be slower. I think @marlin has been trying to tune this up as well.