Mac V6 - no render settings

Whichever method I use to get to render settings, the same ‘document properties page’ panel opens where my tool palette would normally be.

So you tried also:

Right-click on


Then select Rendering

Then clicked on the new icon that appeared



Thanks, that did it.

Trouble is I can’t change the pixel dimensions of the render. It is stuck at something like 3800 x 2800. None of the preset sizes changes it, including ‘viewport’ or even choosing custom and setting the pixel dims manually.

Obviously understand this is the first beta, just wanting to let you know the problems.

@maxsoder, possibly something you know of?

Yes, this is a know issue and it is in the bug list.

RH-47928 Resolution setting is ignored from the Rendering panel

@robinp Still many thanks for reporting as I guess there are a lot of undiscovered bugs.

@robinp I have fixed the bug and the fix should be in the next WIP. I suppose the next WIP will be available next week?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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That’s great. Thanks. It is a bit of a showstopper (for me) to even trying to use the WIP at the moment.