LunchBox ExcelWrite component

I have mixed feelings about the LunchBox ExcelWrite component.
On the “Pros” side, it has a nice “Preview” feature, and eventually works once all the red tape is crossed.
On the negative side, it is documented by a single image in which you need to note very important details like :

-The path should include the file extension, or else nothing will happen
-The headers have to be provided, or else nothing will happen (but sometimes, one does not NEED headers)
-The “Worksheet” input misleads into thinking that an Excel file with mutiple worksheets can be exported, which would be fantastic, but that just doesn’t work and leads to systematic crashing
-The header data has to be in the form of a single flat list while the data has to be formated in a tree (One column per branch), and that is somewhat misleading.

I might be wrong on some of the above statements ; feel free to right me.


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I am currently trying the NPOI_Excel Plugin.
The example file is partly in Chinese, but I have translated it in Engnish thanks to my godly skills : (17.8 KB)


This Plugin rocks !
-No need for Excel to be opened
-Very fast write
-Ability to create files with multiple worksheets
-Import and export of cell ranges

It is based on NPOI, a Dot Net port of POI , a java library allowing to read and wrtite multiple Microsoft formats.

Great. Thanks for sharing. Looks very useful.