Lunch box- excel write

hi… i tried to write an excel sheet, but it is empty? why?

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I didn’t understand? Can you explain more.

He is telling you he changed the post category to Grasshopper, that is all.


Since you haven’t uploaded a file, I can’t be sure, but it will be one of the following errors:

  • The path has a “.” which is part of your name, I can’t remember which excelwriter as there are multiple different plugins with this functionality, but one of them doesn’t like it.
  • The path is not a file, but looks like a folder.
  • Your data may have a null value. You will want to replace the null with a blank value.
  • The data structure may be horizontal, so you will have to put a flip matrix between entwine and Data input.

I had a null value in the data and the path was a folder.
Thank you