Exporting Data with LunchBox Excel Write

Hi, I am working with some data which I would like to export automatically into an Excel file.
I tried two plug-ins and both are not working. I want to use LunchBox for this job.
Is anyone able to tell me what is wrong?

See the file attached.

Excel Export.gh (10.7 KB)

Excel Export_r0.gh (10.3 KB)


Thank you so much Rajeev.

Hi Rajeev, this works well, but it does not work for my script with vector data. Do you know how to make this work as well? The path is working because headers are made in the work.

I found that the data streams have different lengths and because of that it was not working. I used TTToolbox to fill each column in excel separately. I have done this with multiple write to excel functions but if someone has a better option for it I would like to hear that!

I’m streaming panel data to a *.csv file and that can be used as linked data source in an Excel file. No need for a plugin if there’s only one or two Excel files.