Import and export Excel files with the NPOI plugin : EXCELLENT!

This Plugin rocks ! NPOI_Excel Plugin
-No need for Excel to be opened
-Very fast write
-Ability to create files with multiple worksheets
-Import and export of cell ranges

It is based on NPOI, a Dot Net port of POI , a java library allowing to read and wrtite multiple Microsoft formats.

The example file is partly in Chinese, but I have translated it in English here : (17.8 KB)


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Do you know of any Excel library for Rhino IronPython by any chance? I semi-tested the latest xlwt and the test code seemed to work without a hitch (except it required, but I haven’t tested it further. The potential issue with xlwt is that it doesn’t write to xlsx, which we don’t know if we have a need for yet. :slight_smile:

@Asterisk - how about this?

– Dale

Yeah, I looked at it and it’s not as intuitive as xlwt for a noob like me. I’m learning python, excel output from python alongside my main occupancy which is pointcloud modeling (not nearly enough time to sit and learn). I’ll have to use it as a last resort if xlwt doesn’t do something that we need. We’re currently using RhinoScript export to CSV which is then manually converted to XLSX (slight PITA).