Love the new Testflight iRhino! First thoughts and feedback :)

Firstly, this is SO exciting, portable Rhino is exactly what I’ve been after, Shapr just isn’t for me, iPad AutoCAD is fine but I’ve never liked drawing in it, I’ve tried a few others but…meh. And Illustrator on iPad is SO innaccurate it’s only really good for ideas… So huge thanks! I am a puppet maker working with laser cutting and 3D printing, and Rhino is my absolute favourite software to create intricate interacting parts.

Feedback! (I’m using the Testflight Beta)

I would REALLY love if tap-with-two-fingers-once was Undo. (Not double-tap-with-one-finger, I saw that mentioned in another post, as it’s already Zoom to Extents). This is used in Procreate, Illustrator and Nomad Sculpt on the iPad, and I find myself doing it instinctively in iRhino, then wondering why it’s not working.

Also, for multiple select, I’m finding I’m having to choose the tool first, then choosing the objects I want to use. Which is fine, but I don’t know if I’m missing a multiple select control? I don’t have a keyboard with my iPad and am loathe to get one and make it all more cumbersome. Illustrator on iPad has a little circle, with an inner and outer ring, which can be held down with a spare finger and acts like option/command, which is very useful. And it can be moved around the screen so it’s not in the way.

It’s running super smooth, I LOVE the tool pallet, can’t wait for Gumball to be fully working.
Very exciting! Laura M


Thanks for trying the new build Laura,

Yes, I initially misunderstood the request but just yesterday I wrote some code to undo with two finger tap and redo with three finger tap. It should make it to Testflight in a day or so and you can try it.

Do you mean add to existing selection? I think at the time I didn’t have a good idea what the UI should look like for toggling between selection modes. But we definitely need it. Logged here:


Great thank you so much!

Also… am I being dumb… I can’t find circle?

iRhino at the moment does not have all the commands. This is because the underlying framework that some commands use isn’t natively supported in iOS. Circle is one of them.
We’re working on it though…

Ohhh haha that’s okay I thought I’d just forgotten how to spell circle or something :sweat_smile: Thanks again!

This is now in the latest Tesflight build 8.7.24094
Two finger tap to undo, three finger tap to redo