iRhino WIP + XBox controller wish

This is great. So many game-changing improvements since the last time I used the Rhino Viewer App.

Not sure how reasonable of a feature request this would be, but something I would find hugely useful would be compatibility with an Xbox controller (or similar) for navigating models. Would allow use of the app as a demonstration tool without blocking any of the screen or streaming to another screen, as well as lowering the barrier of entry for users who might not be so keen to the touch screen gestures. Shaping up to be a useful tool for supplementing drawing sets in the field – but I think my guys would appreciate a more physical interface, especially when their hands are often covered in dirt/grease/etc which can reduce touch screen responsiveness.


I didn’t know you can connect a game controller to iPad but I read that it’s possible.

Logged your suggestion here:

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