Louvered Moire Grasshopper 3d

Anybody got any tips on how to grasshopper the attached image. I’ve been away from grasshopper for a couple years now and am having trouble getting back into the swing of things.

My guess is that I make my louvers first and then an attract/repel script to create the circular voids. Is there a more efficient solution that you would propose?

Thanks for the advice.

Hope this helps you out.

LouverFacadeWithSineWave_re.gh (16.1 KB)


Holy smokes thank you for that! You are a grasshopper guru!

I can follow everything except the gene pool. I’m not quite sure what the gene pool is for, would you mind explaining what its function is?

Simply said, it‘s multiple sliders in one :slight_smile:

In this case what are “multiple sliders” controlling? still cant wrap my head on what they do.

Hi Kim, I am not able to download the following script. Idk why?
Please help. Can you re share the link please.
Thanks in Advance!