Louvered Moire Grasshopper 3d


(Svillanueva1091) #1

Anybody got any tips on how to grasshopper the attached image. I’ve been away from grasshopper for a couple years now and am having trouble getting back into the swing of things.

My guess is that I make my louvers first and then an attract/repel script to create the circular voids. Is there a more efficient solution that you would propose?

Thanks for the advice.


Hope this helps you out.

LouverFacadeWithSineWave_re.gh (16.1 KB)

(Svillanueva1091) #3

Holy smokes thank you for that! You are a grasshopper guru!

I can follow everything except the gene pool. I’m not quite sure what the gene pool is for, would you mind explaining what its function is?

(Tim Stark) #4

Simply said, it‘s multiple sliders in one :slight_smile:

(Svillanueva1091) #5

In this case what are “multiple sliders” controlling? still cant wrap my head on what they do.