Image sampler on Louvers


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Hi everyone, I’m working on creating an image sampler on some louvers and got somewhere pretty decent.
I’ve run into 3 areas that I would gladly have your help/advice.

  1. Louvers - I based them off a grid and lofted at the end which might not have been the best method.
    I would like to have better control of the louvers. Specifically Spacing, thickness, min max depth, size of grid and orient to Z plane.

  2. Boundaries of image sampler
    I think the sampling is working and doing what i want it to, but I cant get it to fit within my boundaries. See image for detailed explanation.

  3. Clunkiness
    I’m still learning grasshopper so i might be doing things really inefficient. This is causing my grasshopper changes to take about a 30-45 seconds to load on rhino.

Please excuse the poor quality images. Grasshopper file attached below as well. Rhino units are set to Inches.

Image being sampled

IMAGE (56.1 KB)


Hope it helps you out.

IMAGE (55.5 KB)

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Running smooth! Thanks HS_Kim!