Connect different surfaces to one

I 've made a shelter in rhino using the command “make surface from 3 to 4 points”. However now I want to put a patern on the surfaces. I create a paneling grid using the paneling tools. But every surface is separate and the pattern is not the same at all the surfaces… Is it possible that I can merge all the surfaces together? not only 2 of them…? Thus I can get a unified surface and put the pattern on?


I think you need to be clear about how you want to apply the pattern: particularly whether you want to project it from a flat plane onto the roof, so the result looks regular from above, or whether you want each instance of the pattern to lie flat on the local roof surface (which leads to the question: how do you handle the pattern at each roof intersection?). Which element is the actual pattern instance? How does the pattern repeat?


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Hello - if you are using PanelingTools, you can join the faces and create a grid from say. two lines -

Is that something like what you’re shooting for?


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Thank you for the responce Pascal!
Yes I believe that it is really close to what I am trying to do! The next step is to add the 3D pattern in, and hopefully the result will be ok.

Thank you for the responce,
I understand what your point, I want to create a roof structure. I imagine that if I create one smooth surface without any kink, or crease, that the problem of connecting them together wont exist… It is more important to apply the pattern without changing it , thus to change the surfaces into one new. Rather than changing the pattern so I can keep the surfaces intact.

Do you want to apply the pattern at the element’s current size, or will it be scaled down? Because it is currently large in relation to the likely curvature of your revised surface I think you will struggle to get a solution without distorting the elements significantly.

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