Difficulty Rendering Ring (Changing Materials)

I have been using Rhino with Flamingo for rendering for three years at school. I graduated in May, and bought the whole Rhino package, which I am working with now. Instead of the Control Panel that I am used to, which has Materials, Lighting, Environment, and Render tabs, I am given Materials, Environment, Libraries, Ground Plane, and Flamingo Nxt, with Sky, Lights, Custom, and Render Options under the Flamingo Nxt tab. In addition to items not being laid out in the same way, editing materials seems to be very different. For example, I can’t double click on a material and edit it. The one thing that is really troublesome is when I click the Gold material option, although the correct colors are there, and I can seemingly edit them, when I go to render or render preview, the reflectivity of the metal is there, but it looks more like silver or platinum. And I can’t seem to figure out how to make the material to actually look like gold. If anyone is more familiar with this edition of Flamingo and can help me with this, that would be awesome.

Hi Julia,

Does any of this help?


– D