Longest possible text supported

I wanted to load a (very very very) long text in rhino in order to use it for an experiment…
they were the first 1.000.000 prime numbers in text form so I intended to use read csv to turn them into a list.
It seems that I broke it! I understand I drew it to the extreme, but just out of curiosity:
what is the biggest amount of data you can load into a panel?
Is there an ‘architectural’ limit? or is it affected by the hardware?

Panels should be able to display a very long list of text elements (although it will be slow, especially when the panel resizes). However drawing a single long string has always been problematic in GDI+. Just doesn’t work.

If you have very very long strings, considering splitting them up into smaller parts before plugging them into a panel, or better yet do not use a panel at all to look at very long strings.

this is not just a “20%” case, it’s more like a “0.001%” case. (on the Parreto rule)
I just asked out of curiosity…
anyway, thank you very very very much :slight_smile: