Pasting multi-line text into GH panels is limited to 6779 values?

Pasting multi-line text into GH panels is limited to 6779 values. Is there a way this could be increased to at least 8760 values? I often find myself in need of pasting data for all hours in a year, and this limitation creates the need for cumbersome workarounds like loading from an external text file.

I can easily demonstrate that a text panel is not limited by the number of items (or the limit is WAY MORE than 6779 values!).
If there is a limit, it’s more likely to depend on the length of each line and therefore the total number of characters?

Text panels do become very slow when they have a large number of characters. Maybe you can strip out some of the text in each line to save only the essential data and ignore “cosmetic” text?

I’m guess you are talking about copy pasting.
Under normal circumstances you can have over 1million values. But for some reason pasting from a notepad seems to have a limit.

I just have readfile attached to a specific text file and that file is open in notepad++ permanently which I can just replace information in.

Aha! The limit is indeed copy/paste, not the text panel itself. Using ‘Copy Data Only’, I can paste the 58K lines of text in my previous post into Notepad (Win10) but not into another GH text panel. That’s lame.

That’s likely due to the size limitation of clipboard.

No, as I said, pasting to Win10 text editors like Notepad (and others) works fine. It’s only GH text panels that choke on a large clipboard of copied text. Just one more in a long list of GH bugs.

Its a graphics issue that varies per windows pool size.