Capacity of Panel & Text component

Hi there,

it looks like Panel and Text component has a capacity of 5646. Why?

How can i work with rows that are longer?



Do you mean 5646 characters? Probably has to do with the maximum string length in 8-, 16-, 32-, or 64-bit, depending on what the Rhino/Grasshopper devs implemented here?

Are you trying to store a book inside a panel? :wink:

Maybe split up your data into smaller portions? And don’t feed it all at once to the panel?

Hi! I mean 5646 lines. The input is not complicated. I have just 1 number per line. No, i can’ split the data because i have many inputs and atm i process the data line after line…
I have one panel for node numbers, one for X-Coo. , one for Y-Coo and so on.

OK, so you basically use panels to “import” string data (i.e. text) to Grasshopper, where you convert it to integers or doubles to process further (i.e. node id, x- and y-coordinates)?
If so, where does the data come from? From a text file maybe?

If i use 2 panels for input it works:

My data comes from text files. I can create excel files but it is a lot of work.
I think it is a bug. I can imagine that you can input 32k lines, but 5646 is a bit strange for me.

No, text files are fine. Probably a better method would be to read the files directly and parse from string to integer, without using panels for the data import.

Can you upload a sample text file?

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Sorry, i can’t upload files. It is too much and too complex data.
My intention was to use data from textfiles in order to check if the program generated result are ok.
Using C# i can read any file. Problem is that i don’t need entire data from respective file. I need to read about 8 different files and to filter out what i need. This will cost me alot of time.
The copy/past solution was a good one. Now im testing with a big (more realistic) structure and it does not work anymore.

Was looking for a solution for this and it seems like reading the text-data from a file works fine at least.