BUG: Panel sometimes struggle way more than average

Slightly more than 200k text element to display…
Some times it’s absolutely instant, and sometimes it takes more than a minute !
WorkWorkWorkn’t.ghz (200.3 KB)

Also Panels won’t develop further than 103rd element…
I went that far cause there is not handle to peak through all the panel’s values.
But I guess this is just the wip nature of GH2 :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

+1 in the handle request…unless I’m missing an alternative way of scrolling faster a large amount of data in a panel.

And even better, data filtering capabilities, so instead of looking for something scrolling in a loooong list, we could just filter/query displayed values. Down that path, I would suggest normal text search and some easy comparison operators to start with.

Another missing bit for me would be metadata display in panels. It could be like a second line of smaller grey text, one line per key. Or at least some kind of visual queue about the presence of metadata in the shown object. Example of the “metadata blindness” that I’m talking about.

BTW, don’t judge my contractor “origin” too much…just trying to see what I could embed as metadata :stuck_out_tongue:

In any way, now that GH screams DATA!! I would like to see data management/display tools matching the statement. I’m sure that you already got some ideas, but just in case that some push could make a difference.

For scrolling in panels, you can use Shift + drag with Right-Mouse-Button

This takes a lot of dragging to move through long lists though, so I agree a conventional scroll bar would be nice.


Thanks !
Do you have an idea of why there are all these crosses? :slight_smile:

Looks like some grid to position components…