Log-in BS?

whats with the new super intrusive, super nose-y, super secure password bs??? just to post help topics ??? Yr the kind of company that stores user passwords in the clear, am I right?? what encryption are you using to store our personal information??? <—answer this !

I don’t think much as changed since you joined up, I haven’t noticed anything. Obviously it’s “super secure” to keep the board from being overrun with spam.

Rhino V6 licensing options are different than V5. There are now three ways to use your license:

  • Stand-alone on a single computer [legacy]
  • Floating on a company network using the Zoo [legacy]
  • Rhino Accounts [New]
    Add your license to your account and it will float to any computer you have access to using the Internet instead of a local area network
    Create Teams, add multiple licenses, and invite users to join the Team to share the licenses over the Internet
    We recommend using Rhino Accounts for maximum flexibility.
    Details: https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino_accounts/home

You can change from one licensing type to another but it is not automatic.

Cayenne, You seem to be upset for no reason. I have been a forum member for years and have seen no change in login if this is what your talking about.