Rhino 7 Licence choice are logins required for every launch?

Just installed rhino v7 on win 10 and now launching rhino 7 after a reboot
I have entered the product key and now I have to choose Zoo or other licence options.
For the moment I am using it on my tower PC, but should a wish happen (needs a miracle money wise) and I get a win10 laptop as well, I would need it on that as well.
It talks of having to enter my email every time I launch an instance of Rhino, have I read that correctly ?

I need to run it if the internet is down, do I need an active email now to launch rhino 7 each time ?
I also cannot stand having to log in any prog, I often launch more than one instance of rhino when working on a project, to have to keep typing in emails will drive me nuts.

Can I have this rhino v7 on my tower and perhaps a lappy, if I manage to afford one, and not be dogged by having to enter emails each time I launch rhino and minimise it. ?

What should I choose considering the vague chance of also having a laptop perhaps in a years time or further on ?

On a side note…Task manager shows loss of 0.3Gb available ram due to v7 prog install, lost 0.2Gb due to Rhino5 install, logging losses as I proceed to install 140 progs ,


Using your license “Floating” is preferred.

When Rhino is using an accounts based license, Rhino silently checks your license status and updates your local off-line access. You can check this in (Win) Options > Licenses, or (Mac) Preferences > Licenses. It will normally be about 2 weeks out, and you don’t have to think about it.

This checking and updating the lease happens automatically, and independently for both V6 and V7.
If you do not have an Internet connection this checking will fail silently, but Rhino still runs because it has a valid local lease.

If you get within a couple days of the end of the lease, then Rhino will start complaining. You connect to the Internet, start Rhino, your lease is updated, and you’re all set.

Does that make more sense now?

Steve, you are overthinking this. Rhino 7 can work just like Rhino5. Forget about a laptop since it’s something in the undefined future. Choose “other license options”. (I’m doing this from memory so it’ll just be the basic concepts. Procedural details are for you to discover.)

One of the other options should be something like “standalone license”. If your new computer is on the internet you just follow the directions to get the license installed. after that Rhino 7 will work just like 5. The license will be permanently installed on your computer so even if it’s not on the internet after the initial installation it will work just like R5.

If your new computer is not on the internet at installation then you will need to go through a more convoluted procedure to 1) get a code generated by Rhino. 2) Go to a computer that IS on the internet, go to the McNeel license site and supply the code from R7 and receive your license. 3) Copy it down and take it to you R7 computer and manually type it in where the installer asks you to. Your offline installation is now permanently licensed and will work just like R5. With the exception that you can only use R7 on the licensed computer. Mcneel won’t license another installation on another computer, unlike R5 where you could use it on a second computer per the EULA.

When you actully have a second computer you can look into the various Zoo license schemes to see what works best for you.

Good luck. There have been several forum posts with links to the McNeel instruction pages.

Hi John,
I have a box that says Licence Location, to use your Licence anywhere ‘add to yout rhino account’ or ‘use only this computer’
help me decide is in blue lettering,

so I wonder which button to press and what to select ?

at 01:32 hrs and my food just dinged in the micro, my brain is done for the day, I wish to finish the licence thing and shut pc down.
I dont see ’ floating’ in the page that blue text takes me to,

what are the steps to do here ?



“Use only this computer” is what you want at this stage of your R7 adventure. when your needs become more advanced you can always change your licensing arrangement.

Hi ,
chose ‘use only this computer’.
thanks all.

If ever I get a lappy then it says I can adjust licence then, as long as having to enter email address each time I launch an instance of Rhino is not needed then all will be good.

To be able to sit in the shade outside and not suffer the heat in the face of the tower unit and the 4deg C extra it adds to summer , on summer days, humid ones as we often get here in the UK, would be great.


A lot of people choose the locked option like you did because it’s more familiar. Later, when your computer dies over the weekend or is stolen and you’re out of luck until the work day starts, you’ll be frustrated.

The Floating license option is super reliable and keeps your options open to use multiple computers as the need arrises.

I probably help 10 users switch from Locked to Floating, for each user that goes the other way.

Not having reliable Internet service is really rare.

Locked licensing makes sense for defense contractors or other air-gapped environments.

Be well

Could you amplify the difference the licensing scheme makes in this scenario? As I see it the user is in a world of hurt that has nothing to do with the licensing. I am assuming the user only owns one computer to run Rhino on.

I manage to find out that one has to enter email only once then perhaps every 6 months. good !

So I now need to make an account then float the licence.

However McNeel website warns that if I already have an account then creating another will not allow the licence etc to work.
I look and see I have an account, its my hotmail address in use, for forums, rule #1 in life never ever use domestic serious email for internet, witness my rule works, the amount of cr*p that sits in that hotmail inbox, I would end up with that in my serious email inbox.
I am unable thus to use my rhino7 install and email assoc with purchase of it and in use with comms from McNeel, to make a floating licence.

I have to go back to tools>options> and reinsert my licence, verify and I am back to where I was again.

Is there a way of floating licence by using my serious email address thats assoc with the purchase etc.



I use Rhino 6, 7 and 8 on a desktop and a laptop with the license in the Cloud Zoo. After the simple set-up proceedure I just sit down and open Rhino on the desired computer. No need to log-in, etc. I can go ten days or more using Rhino without Internet access.

Switching between the desktop and laptop with the Cloud Zoo is simple. Just start using the other machine. If Rhino was left open on the first machine then I’ll be told Rhino is already open on the first machine asked If I want to continue using Rhino on the second machine. Just click yes to keep using it on the second machine.

With two or more machines and a single license Rhino can only be used on one machine at a time. But it can be lift open but not in use on the other machines if the license is in the Cloud Zoo.

Several times a year I need to login to my Rhino account. That is the only time I need to login.

Sounds good, however it wont allow me to use my purchase associated email (serious email) to create an account so as to float the licence, so I am scuppered. as post above.


Contact McNeel sales and they should be able to switch the email for you account.

I don’t know how you concluded the thing about email addresses. I use a standalone (use only this computer) license. I never need to involve my email to run Rhino 6, 7, 8.

When I do need to enter my email is when I want to download a new service release or candidate to install on my offline Rhino computer. I assume that If your Rhino computer is online and your licensed copy of Rhino detects that a download is available that it will proceed to download without any involvement from you. I understand that you may configure Rhino so that it asks if you want to download and also install; thus you have control over when the update process actually happens. Since my computer is offline I’m not sure if I have that part correct.

ref email every 6 months…I got it from Simply Rhino, but will check again if you feel thats wrong.


A few months later, to get work done, with win10 causing grief in many areas, I went back to win7, and Rhino V5
…but now
I have started afresh with all new hardware, formatted the SSD that had C on, reinstalled win10 64bit (using my PC pitcrew as I call them), got the basics on, peripherals working, and then have been installing my major progs, Pshop, Rhino V5, and now Rhino V7 (7.24 latest).
v5 entered product key and it was forever accessing licence, did a register with name address interests etc and then it was satisfied.
Today I sort out all its settings.

reboot PC,
launch V7 get Welcome to Rhino enter your email.
I use the one that was on the paperwork with my upgrade purchase.
(Note that my demon email account ended and was then namesco and now is ionos, so my email address no longer has demon in it. However to get V5 active I enter the demon name.)
back to V7 !!
and it now asks for Product key,
I enter that, RH70-etc etc
click continue, this is already on DESKTOP-JSVetc
it offers a choice:
Float Licence Between Computers
Lock to this computer DESKTOP-81Petc

thinking that one day I might get a laptop, and advice on floating, I opt for ‘Float’
it then takes me to a website asking for my email, I enter my email address from the paperwork with the purchase,

we couldnt find your rhino account it says.
I alter the email to my ionos one, again same failure, I alter it to the original demon one, and again same message, it doesnt find my account with any of my three emails !

I then try for my one for internet pages only, that gets loads of rubbish come into it, and it works, then I enter password, and it says:-
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

then I am in, and I login with my hotmail, then it says None of the email in your account match the email on file for Rhino5 licence, add the email used when validating the upgrade, and try again. I have used all 4 I possess and have possessed and it wont play ball.

Give me a simple product key anyday !

so here we go, float causing issues.


Rhino 5 licensing is separate from Rhino 6/7 licensing. License key for R5 needs to be input when requested. Rhino 5 licenses do not float.

Try installing Rhino 7 as administrator.

I installed as admin, I just cannot get to licence v7, there is no email to send a help request to, I have searched and searched, it wont accept any of my emails, it wants the one first used but thats redundant so no good them using it, using the one in my paperwork for the upgrade as they ask gets rejected.

I need them to change my emails to just one, but there is no way of emailing thenm to do so. They need to do this, it will get into an almight mess trying to do it with their accounts page. I have very bad feeling over this. 2 hours getting nowhere.

Needs a human to sort it.

just what is the email address to get them to make my accounts into such using one agreed email ?

and different from the email I use on www pages, as I dont want the yards of rubbish I get in hotmail in my ‘serious’ inbox.

I launched Rhino7 again, it asked for my email, typed in the one I would like to use, then it complained again, I then chose lock to this PC, and it asked for name adress etc, interests, and bingo I am up and running.


go traditional route , 2 hrs wasted.


Did you actually create one ?? If you didn’t specifically create a Rhino account, then it of course won’t find one. You go here to create an account: accounts.rhino3d.com. You will need to specify an e-mail and password. Once you have a Rhino account, you can put your V7 upgrade license key in there. You will need a V5 key to validate it. (The V5 doesn’t go into the Rhino account).

However if you have already set up the license locally, you would need to remove it before putting it into your Rhino account. So you probably want to leave it alone.

And yes, the e-mail used to create your Rhino account needs to be the same as the e-mail you used for your V5 validation, otherwise the Rhino account will not accept the V5 as a validation for your V7 upgrade (i.e. the e-mails need to match). The e-mail address for the V5 (and hence V7) can be changed but only McNeel can do it.

You expect someone to answer you immediately on a Sunday evening?

No, it’s not, there are thousands of people using it successfully without a problem.

There is lots of info on how all this stuff works here:

and here:

and here:

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Hi Steve -

That’s correct, yes. → sales@mcneel.com

I will get a human to sort it,
I registered V5 with an email that featured the word demon in the name after the @,

Its no use creating another account for that email as it has no inbox or server etc anymore.

I even tried all 4 emails inc hotmail in the last stage, and it rejected all four.

I will contact sales and see if I have an account and what email address it has, get it changed to the one that came with my v7 purchase.
I have installed V5 and did not float it, it works for me.

Ditto V7,

For the moment, whilst wanting to get V7 setup with all my user settings, and then backed up, I will stay with the locked to PC mode, far less hassle.

Hate rejection of passwords and emails in life !.. especially forums where they require you to register if nothing works and you get ‘this email is already in use’ when trying to create a new account, they claiminmg you dont have one and they wont let you in and claim you are not registered.