"Lofting" meshes smoothly to each other, respecting the "curvature"

Hi gurus

Is there a nifty way to join some mesh edges (rather far from each other) so that the joining part would span out in the same angle as the mesh faces it attaches to?

I´ve been playing around with this beautiful node creating script (who´s maker I can´t remember) and would love to join different nodes smoothly to each other, to come up with something like a modern bicycle frame. The script doesn´t do well with many nodes at a time (at least I haven´t found a way) but boy if it makes some pretty smoothness when used to only one node at a time. But then there is my problem, if you want to create the forementioned (carbon fiber) bike frame design…

Thanks in advance!
220127.gh (269.4 KB)

Hi @jere
Have you tried with SubD and MultiPipe?

Hi Daniel

No I haven´t.

Pretty stuff, but I am interested in non-round profiles for the tubes. I´m not really designing a bike, it´s just a good example of interconnected nodes.

Of course I can adjust the nodes in many ways, to get into a shape that would continue flawlessly towards the other nodes, making it easy for a straight loft to result right. But when wanting some shape in the connecting part too, there would have to be some additional profile guides and the connecting seams get tricky.

I posted something here for connecting between meshes with a smooth surface tangent to both

also this (shown with round sections, but the same approach should work for other profiles)

If you can describe more about the problem you are trying to solve though we might be able to direct to other approaches.

Ahh, allright… the second one looks great! Gotta try with this approach.

There´s not a real problem yet, just some ideas with this possible tangency issue.

Edit: Actually the first one does the trick well, at least with a fast test :slight_smile:
220128connectmeshes.gh (29.9 KB)


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