Blending meshes

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to join my two mirrored meshes coming from a karamba simulation. I extruded them in an opposite way and I want now to create one mesh with the two, creating a connection between them. I tried to create a loft, converting it in a mesh and join everything togheter, but the result is not what I want:

first in this way I create a manifold mesh, second I have a problem with points that are free and not connected with the existing meshes, cause of the different orientation of U and V of the lofted meshes.

Do someone know how I could solve it?

Another way I thought till now is to create a new series of meshes using the naked points of the existing one and cutting those in the inner part so I can join the 3 new meshes without manifold faces. Is this the only way? And more could it be a good solution?

Thanks in advance to everybody.

@alessio.maurizi1990, you forgot to provide your file!