Loft problem one closed curve to multiple closed curve

please hlep me to connect the gap between one closed curve and two closed curve
i dont find out any way to do the patching with accurate

In cases like this, I like to create curves to guide me and resolve how the surfaces should behave.
The using a combination of Loft for the two “legs” and Sweep2 and BlendSrf usually get me where I want.
You could post the geometry if you want some more precise guidance.

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test.3dm (394.2 KB)

For such situations the Sub-D would be perfect. The hard part is the branch of the form…

Here’s my take.
test_MG.3dm (1.5 MB)

There’s some interpretation on my part as to how the branch is smoothed but it’s an example how you can do it in about 10 minutes.
I started by rebuilding your curves and closed them properly, the ends were overlapping.

Hey Marc thx for doing the work so great ,meantime i wonder that did you just add four curve to solve this problem?
And i also come up with maybe a way to solve the surface.If you can take see with it and give some advice that would be great ^^test.3dm (854.7 KB)

You can study my model to see what strategies I used. I have to say again that you must start with nice clean curves, yours had several problems. Loft would work on them but it will block you further down in your work and you’ll have to start over.
Here’s the surface creation commands I used.

The Sweep2 surfaces were trimmed with curves you’ll find in the Curves layer.

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